Craig + Jenah

photographers, spouses and friends



Growing up with a photographer father, JENAH has been surrounded by photography her entire life.  Some of her earliest memories are of reading light meters and fluffing wedding dresses.  Her poor sisters are still scarred from the Glamour Shot sessions she forced them to model for.  Since the early years, Jenah has had the privilege of working with and for many different photographers as she has developed her own chops and style. With a keen eye for detail, a love for the nuances of light and a propensity for seeing beauty in the everyday, Jenah delights in bringing out the personalities of the people she photographs.

She also loves good food, the ocean, being a mom, going for obscenely long walks, cooking, Dr Pepper, really boring historical facts and equally boring documentaries. She speaks Swedish and has lived on the Italian seaside.

CRAIG‘s career path has always centered around working with people.  And his approach to photography is no exception to that rule: his only goal is making his clients happy, and he’s been known to go to great lengths to get the shot that ensures that goal is met.  Craig is also known (and loved) for his seemingly bottomless well of enthusiasm and energy, which is a perfect complement to Jenah’s quiet, steady focus and determination.  He also has a masters degree in Leadership, should you need advice on coaching over the course of your photography session.

Craig loves fishing, fly fishing (they’re really very different activities, he swears), northern Minnesota, South Haven, MI, working on old houses, working on old cars, obsessively Instagramming pictures of old cars, riding a long board around the city with their son, and grilling.  All while in the company of good friends, of course.

Both Jenah’s and Craig’s main desire is to make you feel fully comfortable and allow you to have fun, and the most common reaction to a shoot with them is that “it felt just like hanging out with friends.”

We love working with people who are in love and telling their story through photos.

Which, by the time a shoot is done, it usually is.