Chicago Family Photography: The Jacksons

I (Craig) recently had a family session with close friends DJ, Julie and Miller.  Below are my favorites!  But first…

The Garfield Park Conservatory may be the lushest place in the Midwest for a visit in the winter.  85 degree indoor temperatures make up for the blustery Lake Michigan winds.  If you are feeling the winter blues, hit this place for an afternoon, it doesn’t disappoint.

Julie is the owner of Virtu in Chicago.  Teaming with local hand crafted items, the heart of Virtu is celebrating the craft of another.  For instance, Wisconsin’s own, Ed Wohl, a wood carver who recently dropped in for a visit to say hello.  He’s been been working on his craft since 1970, selling exquisite bread boards decorating the walls of the shop.  Jenah and I started our own collection of Chicago Flag Pottery (mugs, bowls, saucers and more) from Circa Ceramics made right here in Chicago.  We had the privilege a couple months back of shooting Anne Sportun’s Fine Jewellery Trunk Show.  You can find that link here.  When shopping this holiday season, stay local, great work is being done in our city and you can find it at Virtu.

DJ owns and operates The Color Wheel Studio right down the street from Virtu in Bucktown.  His work was recently on display at the funeral of the late Charlie Trotter (Chicago’s own).  DJ’s murals are displayed at various venues in Chicago and around the U.S.  Most recently, “The Good, the Bad and the Kidney” was sent to the neurology wing of Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.  When he’s not staying up all night working on murals, his day job is teaching kids his craft, consisting of painting and use of color.  Families, art lessons from my friend are well worth it, your kids will come back learning how to use a brush and know the use of color like no other.

Miller, this kid…drops in pools, bowls and quarter pipes, owning Wilson Skate Park.

Bucktown is producing some serious craft, our friends are some of the finest.

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